How Are You Leading?

There are some aspects of leadership that can be learned. Others are innate and can’t be learned. Some people have a natural talent for leading others. These people seem to be born with an ability to lead. Other people seem to listen and follow them naturally. Most of us can learn the skills of a good leader, but may not have this natural talent for leading.

Born leaders possess certain traits. And it can even be seen among children. In a group of children, one or two will stand out as leaders of the group. They haven’t learned any of the skills of leadership. Despite that, they already know how to confidently exhibit their leadership skills. It’s a natural talent they possess. If you possess some of these traits, you may be a natural born leader.

Leaders are able to gain the support and respect of other people. Others listen and are willing to follow. People seem to be drawn to the person. This is an innate trait of a natural leader. Although people will respect good managers, they don’t  necessarily feel drawn to them or compelled to follow their lead.

One of the reasons natural leaders inspire others is because the leader has a genuine passion for what he is doing. He is optimistic and enthusiastic about the work or project. He is committed to the work and gives it all he’s got. This exuberance is contagious. Just being around someone with such passion is enough to inspire passion in other people.

Even when things don’t go smoothly, the leader doesn’t give up. She shows persistence and focus. She is able to focus on the goal and shows determination. The leader will help others stay on track until the project is successful. She is not side tracked by unimportant details, but is able to keep the focus on the goals and steps needed to achieve the goals.

A natural leader is willing to take responsibility. He doesn’t see this as a burden, but welcomes it. Many people don’t want to take work or responsibility home at the end of the day. They want to leave work at the office after five o’clock. Leaders don’t feel this way. They like the feeling of achievement and success that comes with the responsibility.

An effective leader has a clear sense of values. She has definite standards of behavior and always lives by these standards. This affects her reputation in a positive way. People will respect her more for living by her values. In addition, she has the courage to follow these convictions. She will stand up and fight when these values are challenged. This makes others want to follow the leader’s example.

A leader shows great self confidence. This confidence allows him to make decisions and lead people effectively. He believes he can succeed and reach the goals he has set. This inspires confidence in others. It is contagious. Some people are born with natural confidence, and some are not.  Self confidence can be learned and improved.


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